The answer is yes, he will arrest your sick ass! (So will Rudy)

Mitt Romney doing his best to reach out to the people, on subjects that matter to them.

Check out his facial expression when he offers that the patient could use synthetic marijuana, and the guy responds that they make him sick. Looks like Mitt needs to work on his sensitivity skills, as he seems ready to start laughing at the poor dude for objecting to fake kush. I don’t need to hear his (most likely wide) stance on anything else, the way he dodged that budda bullet and got outta there is exactly the kind of folitrick, fuckery, BS that I am sick of.

While I admire him taking on that cross dressing Guillani, thats about where it stops. Especially since he doesn’t have time to answer sick Americans’ legitimate questions. BTW, Is Giuliani really running for President? WOW!!

You guys better get a clue, the people are watching and we are not amused!

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