Operation Swag Bags

This morning as I sit at the desk, tiredly fumbling over computer keys and deleting more junk mail, I have to smile at life. Sure it’s hectic as ever over here at the Canhead compound, but it’s a good type of hectic. The kind of hectic-ness that you want to be around your work. As you all know, BlogWorld starts this Wednesday in Las Vegas. I spent last night listening to JhaVoice as she rehearsed with her singers, while I worked on getting our new cards and promo stuff ready for the expo. If that wasn’t enough, I am fully engrossed with my new side project, Operation Swag Bags!

What is Operation Swag Bag you say? Well, it’s just your soon to be favorite feature, here at your favorite blog site! OSB is my new hair brained schemed to deliver nothing but quality news and entertainment to the world! Basically, I want to give back to my readers, and will host contest and giveaways weekly! I’m talking DVDs, CDs, concert tickets, books, and whatever cool little swag that I get. Since I get so much of this stuff sent to me, I figured I’d share the wealth. I have the next three contest lined up and will start posting them immediately!

Stay tuned for more great give aways like the American Gangster CD below.

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