Kat De Luna is the new teen sensation hailing from the Bronx, bringing her upbeat dance songs to the world. This Bronx born, New Jersey raised Dominican songstress is enjoying a successful rise as her new album 9 Lives continues to gain fans.

Her single “Whine Up” featuring Elephant Man, is still enjoying healthy spins on radio and video channels, was added as the theme song to WWE’s “Saturday Night Main Event.” She is gaining fans online as well, as she recently won AOL Breakers contest and is currently up for AOL Breaker for Pop Song the Year, competing with Colby Caillat and Young Love from J. Lo’s “Dance Life.”

Many of the songs on 9 Lives have a Caribbean feel, bringing elements similar to reggae, calypso and salsa. Truth be told, as soon as I heard the opening synth lines to “Whine Up,” I figured the producer Red One was from New York. The songs have that East Coast club sound, sort of like Reel 2 Real’s “I Like To Move It” or something Fulanito would do. In fact the whole album has that feel to it, sometimes giving the CD a monotonous tone. Thank God Kat has some serious vocal chops to save the day.

Kat De Luna has perfect material for pop music, she is more than just another cute singer, as her voice reaches super soprano heights that are more suited for grand opera houses than Summerfest stages. Still Kat delivers with ease and gives us a nice introduction to her international mix of styles. America seems to be ready and loving her. You know you’ve made it when you’re on “Regis & Kelly,” trying to teach Kelly how to do your dance steps!

While this is her first solo CD, Kat was primed for the stage while singing with the girl group Coquette. Fast forward to today, Kat is tearing up the stages with her own sounds! Her album has already generated a good deal of attention for De Luna, and she still has one or two single ready songs on the album, most notably “Am I Dreaming,” “Run The Show” and “Animal.” Kat is going to be here for a while, judging from the way the fans are flocking to her and her spicy mix of music.

To celebrate Kat De Luna 9 Lives CD, Canhead is teaming with GMB / Epic Records to give one lucky readers a free copy of 9 Lives! For your chance to win, send an email to Q.Rock639 at, with the words “Kat De Luna 9 Lives Contest” in the subject. We will email and announce the winners after November 16th!

Check the comments section for winner’s names and prizes! Give away is for US residents only; entries must be received by November 15th.

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