Live from BlogWorld Expo! Where is my camera?????

Peace party people, it’s your boy Q checking in real quick from the BlogWorld Expo!  The last two days have been hectic as ever, but we are having a good time and meeting tons of people.  The only major bummer of the whole event (Sound problems and engineer spazzing at the JhaVoice show aside) was the fact that I LOST MY CAMERA!!!!

That’s right, I lost my cheap litte Nikon.  Words cannot describe how hurt I am right now.  I only had a chance to take a few shots before I misplaced it somewhere at the convention, so not much was lost.  There were so many photos and videos being shot that I’m sure I will find a few of them floating around in the next few days.  Shouts to the lovely Carmen at SiTV for the interview that was getting a little to hot for words!

Make sure you listen to Blog Talk Radio, as JhaVoice will be interviewed live today!   I will repost the interview asap but go to their site now to hear us both live!

Gotta go, stay tuned for a full rundown of the BlogWorld Expo!

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