Cyber Mix Tape Show- Nov 2007

It’s another mixtape podcast for ya, mixed by Laron “Q.Rock639” Cue, your favorite B-Boy blogger! Dig in to this special mash up deluxe featuring nothing but the best beats and rhymes!




One Mic -Nas (b/w Made You Look -The Realeast)

Love Is All We Need- Mary J. Blige- (b/w Improvise-J5)

99 Problems-Jay-Z (b/w The Grindz & Hold You Down)

Drop It Like It’s Hot- Snoop Dogg (b/w True Masters & Backwards)

Times Up-Jadakiss (b/w I wanna Get High)

Nothing 2 Roll With- Devin The Dude

Wildstyle movie clip-( ZORRO QUOTE “I LIKE THAT!!)

Everything Must Go- El P

Watch Yo Step- Percee P * Vinne Paz

Col Hamishalot Remix- JhaVoice

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