The Cyber Mix Tape Show on BlogCritics Radio Network!!

That’s right kiddies, your favorite B-Boy blogger is moving on up in the world, as I take my patented style of crazy talk to the internet radio waves. OK, maybe theres no such thing as internet radio waves, but you get what I’m trying to say. It’s on and poppin’ as I continue in my personal quest to take over the internet, one site at a time!

I already have my own talk show, hosted at BlogTalk Radio called The Cyber Mix Tape Show. I never gave it much thought or time, as my blogging life is constantly threating to take over my real life. Now it looks like 2008 will be the year that sends my Google search results string through the roof. (Try typing my name in Google and see how many fun links you find..I do it once a week just for shits and giggles) After meeting up with everyone from over at BlogWorld Expo, I was informed of our new channel at BlogTalk. One thing lead to another and somehow I found myself with a nice little show.

I have already given the CMTS a test run, but my official first show kicks off on Friday, November 23rd at 9pm PST. I plan on having a few callers, and talk about everything good in the world of urban entertainment and news. You can check my first test show now at BlogTalkRadio. I had a chance to talk to JhaVoice and underground rapper Armel The Great, who has history with GZA, Sonz Of Man & The Wu Tang Clan. It was a nice little piece, only spoiled by the shortness of the broadcast. Trust me, our future shows will be off the hook! The main subject of the this week’s show will be “If Hip-Hop Is Dead, Who Killed Her?” Give me a call on Friday and let me know what you think about that!

Listen to Cyber Mix Tape Show-Part of the BC Radio Network. on internet talk radio

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