DVD Review: Katt Williams:American Hustle–Win a free copy of the DVD!

Katt Williams continues to take the world on by storm with his hilarious acts and hard hitting comedy. The hard working comedian has become of America’s favorite new jokesters, and has been compared to some of the greats. His style might remind you of Richard Pryor, but Katt Williams is truly his own man on stage!

Katt is one hell of a funny guy, all you have to do is catch some of his movie appearances and you’ll be laughing so hard that your start crying in no time. The side splitting Pimp Chronicles Pt. 1 had people everywhere saying “This shit right here!!” His character Money Mike stole the show in Friday After Next and gave the movie the few real laughs that it had. (Pimp Down!) Add his appearances in Nick Cannon’s Wildin’ Out and his album deal with Dip Set Records, and Katt’s stats start to add up. His star is on the rise.

His new DVD is another step for Williams as he continues his reign as the king of underground comedy. The DVD is a mash-up of sorts, as he mixes scripted storyline and stand up routines with hilarious results. The movie starts with Katt as he weaves through Hollywood in an attempt to make his own movie. As he rejects offers to make a March Of The Penguins meets Brokeback Mountain, and copy of Eddie Murphy and his rubber suit filled flicks, he realizes that the only way to make a movie the way he wants is to hit the road and take the show to the people.

Together with his crew from back in the day, Williams travels America, hustling his jokes along the way! Luenell, Red Grant and Melanie Comarcho all add their over the top comedy to the show, making it a laugh fest from start to end. Luenell’s scene in the retirement home is priceless, as is Red’s crazy antics and sex stories. Melanie had me rolling on the floor too, and Jermey Piven has the line of the year as he tells Katt that he is the love child of Jimmy Hendrix, and Allen Iverson’s imaginary romp in Richard Pryor recreation room. The whole DVD is funny like that and then some. Snoop Doog, Da Brat, Tamala Jones and Ludacris also appear in the movie. Check it out and laugh out loud!

Katt Williams American Hustle trailer

Win a copy of the new Katt Williams American Hustle DVD!
Canhead and Universal Music Group is giving away one free copy of the new DVD! To enter, simply send an email to qrock639 at gmail.com with “Katt Williams American Hustle” in the subject field! The winner will be emailed and announced in the comments section of this post. Give away is for US residents only; entries must be received by November 29th. Good luck!

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