After the move, back in the groove!

It’s been a hectic few weeks for us here at Canhead, as we upped the ante and moved into a new apartment, fresh for ’08! We packed and unpacked boxes, picked up U-Hauls and return them, only to catch double mystery fees, fumbled with new keys and locking ourselves out of the new apartment in the process, and reluctantly forked over half our security deposits to our lest than trustworthy prior land lord.

The new year was already turning into one for the history books. Add to that a little personal drama which rumbled underneth it all, and you have a glimpse of the first week of January for yours truly.

Thankfully, we have made it past week two without any major incident, and the new digs are finally starting to feel like home. We plan on throwing a little shinding next weekend, invite a few friends over and spill drinks on the new carpet! (Note to self, stock clear liquor for the house warming party, preferably Gran Patron Platinum!)

Now the fun part begins. With all the moving I almost forgot that a new year just snuck up behind me and changed the calender. Now that I have the computers unpacked and pluggd in, cable running and phones lit, the new challenge is setting up some goodness for 2008. I have a feeling that I will have tons of things to talk about, and projects to finish! So stick around as we crank it up a notch!


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