Quick Notes From Q.Rock639:Nas in LA & blogging in a hour!

I just read this post over at ProBlogger, that asked an amazing question.  Well, amazing to fellow technukkas anyway.  The question basically was what would I blog about if I only had one hour a day to do it? My immediate answer?  Hell, I would jump up and down to actually find an hour on my blog!  I know I spend an insane amount of time on the computer when I can, but the actual time I spend blogging has shriveled up faster than a slug under salt.  (I know,its a gross example)

My point is I spend far less time than a serious blogger should.  I am busier than the average blogger though, as I hold it down on at least 5 blog sites and a online talk radio show that is off the hook, if I do say so myself!!  So my time is scattered at best.  The answer to the question, of course, is write more!  No online hustling, MySpace pimpin’, or Craigslist cursing.  Spending more time writing is what I would do with my hour.  Then I looked at this site and saw the last post I threw up, the drivel below about that guy that got a deal for not being funny.

Since that was the last post, I thought my site deserved a quick note.  While I have tons of things going on that I would love to go in detail about, I’ll hit you with these quick bulletins.  Enjoy.

= = = =

Nas ripped it at The Roxy last week.  I caught wind of the MySpace Secret Party just in time to put in a call to my homies and get in that joint!  Nas really did damage, as he hit the stage with a packed house of fans waiting!  Seems like all you had to do was put Nas in your top friends section, print the screen shot, and bring it to The Roxy last Friday night.  By the time I lit up the text messages and got to the spot, the line went down the street a good 4 blocks! We got the ultra hook-up from my homie and got to catch The Jones Experience warm up with The Evil Genius aka DJ Green Lantern.

I walked over to Green to catch a quick picture, and walked back to my corner with my head down, looking at the camera.  When I got back to my spot, my sister was all excited!  “Oh my God, I can’t believe that was him, just standing there…did you get his picture?”  “Whose picture?” I said without thinking.  The dumbfounded look on her face told me that I had indeed just walked past Nas, while not paying enough attention to my surroundings and possibly missing a once in a lifetime photo opp.   The show he put on later, (like 3 hours later) more than made up for it!

Nas did about an hour and a half worth of his hits.  He opened the show with last years monster “Hip-Hop Is Dead”, giving the rock venue a good dose of his style.  Next up was “N.I.*.*.E.R (The Slave & The Master)”, the powerfully controversial song and possible first single choice.  The tone was set for Nas to resurrect Hip-Hop that moment.  Just to remind us who were we listening too, he immediately went into “It Aint Hard To Tell!”  Almost two hours later, Nas managed to run through “Hero”, “One Mic”, “Oochie Wally”, and a hell of a lot of his hits, driving the crowd nuts.  I managed to catch a seat in the VIP and rub elbows with Darius Mccray and DJ Quik among others.  We all were blown away by the rapper Nas, as he handed in one of the best Hip-Hop shows in LA this year, hands down!

Awkward moment of the year award goes to Nas as he deftly handled his performance of “Sly Fox”, the verbal attack on the media giant, who also owns the company that owns MySpace.  Nas addressed the crowd before he went into the song, saying he has “a little love for MySpace, but fuck Fox!”  He added The Los Angeles Times in his F you roll call as well, and kept the revolution moving!  I guess it’s a hard road to travel, as MySpace did hook the show up, even after he dissed the holy shit out of them and their “hos” in “Sly Fox”.  Let’s face it, MySpace is Fox’s house, so the show must have felt funny to him.  Me personally, I’m glad he choose to rock The Roxy!

~Shouts to DP Sounds and the homie Trek Life for hosting the event and keeping the party rocking before Nas hit the stage.

~Shouts out to Ms. Cue, who recently landed back in Cashville, 10.  We miss you already little sis!  If you look closely, you can see yourself in this Smoking Section’s video, taken at the show!  If you can’t catch it, just check my flicks below!

Nas at The Roxy-MySpace Secret Show

Eb & I @ Nas Show

JhaVoice @ Q.Rock Nas Show, The Roxy

JhaVoice @ Q.Rock Nas Show, The Roxy

Nas rips it @ MySpace Secret Show, The Roxy

Nas rips it @ MySpace Secret Show, The Roxy

Trek Life holding it down @ Nas MySpace Show

Trek Life holding it down @ Nas MySpace Show

That’s it…my hour has turned into 2 and a half. More to come soon!

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