Political Overload-

Hey young world. It seems like I have fallen asleep at the wheel and let a few weeks go by without posting here. Shame, shame, shame. So tonight, I dedicate a few moments to my loyal Canhead readers and all the rest of you out there! Here are a few random notes and thoughts jumbling and bumbling around my head and laptop on this fine evening. Today’s focus is on politics, Palin and the other guy she is running with, and more funny links regarding the upcoming election.


I just came across this video blogsite called McCain and Unable, dedicated to assembling all the lies and half truths coming out of the McCain campaign. It’s well worth a look, and the now infamous ‘strong economy” comment is here in all its YouTube glory!
Here is another great article on the Palin phenomena. Former Clinton press secretary Dee Dee Myers has to say, and her Sonny & Cher statement is dead on!

Dee Dee Myers: What Obama Should Do Next
The New Republic.com
The first thing you have to do is stop running against Sarah Palin and start running against John McCain. She’s sort of bullet-proof, so the best thing to do in my opinion is to use her enormous popularity to contrast with John McCain. I mean, I think of them as Sonny and Cher. You know, what was Sonny without Cher? He was nothing, right? And once she left him, she went on to stardom and he disappeared. He was a successful entrepreneur, he’s not an idiot, but he has no star-power. She’s the talent, she’s the excitement, she’s the draw.


Here is an interesting blog site, that claims to have been up since long before Palin got he VP nod. The info found on this blog alone would be enough for me. The infamous banned book incident, or Palin’s Book Club is mentioned here along with a few other attention grabbers! Most interesting is Senator Palin viewpoints regarding hunting and her wildlife policies.


The Motherlode of All Voter Registration Information That You Need
For all of you who havent registered yet. Time is running out, so get on it!


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