Jah Cure – “True Reflections” CD Review

Reggae singer Jah Cure is back on track and making more incredible reggae music! His life has taken a dramatic turnaround, as he was recently released from prison after the highly controversial case that changed his life. Just as his star was beginning to rise, Jah Cure found himself in the middle of a criminal case that ultimately landed him in jail for seven years. The facts surrounding the case were immediately questioned and Jah Cure has strongly proclaimed his innocence, in the face of legal prosecutors and those involved in the trial. Local papers and media covered the case for years. All focus shifted from his music career and upcoming projects to the horrible charges that were put before him.

Cure, whose real name is Siccaturie Alcock, would continue to work on music while incarcerated, and he released a stream of hit records from jail, songs that would become reggae classics. Many questioned the charges from the start, but as the case went on, it raised additional questions about Jamaica’s penal policy, police department, legal system and civil rights issues in regard to incarceration.  Meanwhile, the longer Cure was behind bars, the bigger his legend grew.

Cure was released in 2007, and he wasted no time reclaiming his spot in reggae music. Now with his recent record releases, headline grabbing appearances at Reggae Sundance Festival, and a intense media buzz on his release date, Jah Cure can now continue to build his musical legacy.

“True Reflections…A New Beginning” is one of those “must have” albums for several reasons. The story behind the man and the music is compelling enough. Serving a jail sentence and continuing to write songs of love and hope, Cure’s latest album serves as a strong testament to his talents and will power alone. Without the controversy, the myths, and the gossip, Jah Cure is one of reggae music’s strongest voices.

You can’t help but be blown away by the healthfulness of his classic “Love You”, a beautiful guitar backed sonnet, or by the deceleration of “Dem Nah Build Great Man” which features Fantan Monjah. Cure puts his entire being into his songs, and it shows, as his vocals at time sound painful and raw, without ever missing a beat or losing tune. His voice is amazing, and this collection of his hits is a nice reminder of that.

The title track is another gem that has been rocking the reggae sets for a while. In fact, most of the songs present on this CD were floating around the internet, local mixtapes and loyal Jah Cure fan’s iPods for a while now. His reworking of Bob Marley hit “Sun Is Shining” is also present in the form of “Most High Cup Full”.

The good folks at VP Records made a wise decision in putting the compilation together. Your decision is easy, cop this album now!

PS..Word on the street is the new Jah Cure album is on the way, complete with new studio material!

“True Reflections…A New Beginning”

01 – True Reflections
02 – Dem Na Build Great Man ft Fantan Mojah
03 – Longing For
04 – To Your Arms Of Love
05 – What Will It Take You
06 – Love You
07 – Same Way
08 – Searching For A Girl
09 – Jamaica
10 – Cease All War
11 – Share The Love ft Gentlemen
12 – Love Is
13 – The Sound
14 – Conga Man
15 – Most High Cup Full


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