The New and Improved Canhead v3.0

Hello my loyal and true Canhead readers!  Welcome back to the long forgot tomes of El Q!  Unbeknown to the blog reading community, you are indeed missed.  I have been monitoring my slowly declining readership numbers, with little to do about it but blame myself.

Yes, real life has become incredibly dramatic, with more twists and turns than any award winning blockbuster, regardless of the million dollar happy ending shot!  My new missions in life have taken any free time I had left, as I continue to juggle all that I can.  But after taking a good look at my blog stat numbers and reconnecting with so many family and friends through my new Facebook addiction, I have decided that the time for excuses has passed.  I can not ignore my Canhead blog any longer.  Somehow, I will return to my days of glory, where daily updates and amusing blog postings ruled!  Hopefully, some of you will notice.

So again, my deepest apologies to you, my loyal Canhead reader, for being such a bad blog writer.  I have assembled some various links to keep you busy, and promise to give you more reviews, event announcements, and funky fresh rants.  I hope you enjoy them and hear them all out!  Stay tuned for more of what you love, from the new and improved Canhead!

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