Sly Concert Review up at BC!

Concert Review: The Sly Stone Variety Show And Birthday Party, 3/15/09, At Zanzibar, Santa Monica CA
Sly Stone just had a birthday. My gift was watching him perform live with George Clinton and Baby Stone!

To read the full review, click the link above. Here’s a brief excerpt from Blogcritics!

“Sly rocked and shocked the house, taking to the stage in a Scottish-looking, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Andre 3000 type of outfit. He stood hunched over, the effects of time trying to put a stamp on him and slow him down. Sly is still too funky for that. While he reminded us of his legacy by singing to us once again, video clips of his past performances lit up the back wall. His interviews with Dick Cavett, the Ohio band competition that started it all, and rare footage of Sly funnin’ with Richard Pryor all ran in silence, while Sly celebrated his birthday with a few friends and a handful of lucky music lovers.

After giving us a few soul history lessons, Stone disappeared from the stage for a while, and George Clinton lead the funk jam. The night then went on to be a incredibly eclectic, unorganized jam session /party, as grooves dipped and dropped, funk legends joined in and jammed (including members of the Brothers Johnson, Graham Central Station, and P-Funk) and everyone had a good time. A little later in the night, Sly returned and rocked the house for another 20 minutes or so with his unrehearsed antics, before leaving the stage with George. “

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