Gossip Records hit “Aqua” by Saint John still gets radio play in LA!!

I was driving down Van Nuys Blvd in Sherman Oaks when I heard this song on Power 106! The song is “Aqua” by Saint John, and was released by Gossip Records back in the 90s. Of course I have remember those days and have nothing but love for my old school crew! It made me proud to hear “Aqua” after all this time, rocking on the other side of America in the mid day mix! Sorry about the distortion, but as any the Millennium Music crew will tell you, I am notorious for DISTORTION!

S'Aint John "Aqua"

Shouts to the whole crew…Greg, where is the 2009 remix at?!?

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aqua remix

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3 Responses to Gossip Records hit “Aqua” by Saint John still gets radio play in LA!!

  1. John says:

    Yo, my boy Laron just forwarded me this link. This is John Garcia – the original S’aint John from Gossip Records – living in S. Florida now. So glad that the song lives on in LA where we got the most love!!!

    I’ve been considering a remix, and I agree…It’s time!!!

  2. DJ JASON says:

    yo i love this song i hear it when i was 6 years old in power 106 wooow and im a dj ama always play this song FOR YEARS AND YEARS LOL =]

  3. DJ JASON says:

    woooow ur going to make a remix??? let me know if anything my msn is jasonllamas@msn.com i also produce music maybe i can remix it 2

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