KRS-One Introduces Nas & Damien Marley

The Blastmaster KRS One introduced Nas & Damien Marley on stage at Rock The Bells, briefly breaking down the history of the Hip-Hop/Reggae blend. I think it’s safe to say that the pairing of Nas & Marley is the biggest crossover of the kind, to date. While KRS cover the territory way back with Shabba Ranks, Nas and Jr Gong have really stumbled on to something! They performed for an hour easily, giving each other the stage and rocking together!

I had to laugh when Nas and Damien rocked on the “Bridge Is Over” beat. After a quick explaination, Nas rocked it with “the bridge is rocking, the bridge is rocking” instead of the other pro-Bronx chorus.

Check out the intro from KRS One here!

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