Wildfires rip through Southern California

Wildfires continue to burn through thousands of acres in Southern California, adding to the record breaking, heat filled summer. Ash and soot fill the skies in menacing gray clouds that can be seen for miles, as the fires burns for miles as well.  Mount Wilson, Flintridge, Mount Gleason and Acton,  Angeles National Forest, Glendale and Pasadena are all feeling the heat.  Mount Wilson is being watched closely, as it is the site for many media antennas.  If they go, so will several local news channels and some emergency response communications as well.  Areas as far north as Sacramento are also fighting fires.

Station Fire at Night, originally uploaded by jhapeman.

Two firefighters lost their lives battling flames as their truck overturned.  “Our hearts are heavy as we are tragically reminded of the sacrifices our firefighters and their families make daily to keep us safe,” Schwarzenegger said in a statement. ABC 7 Eyewitness News is reporting the names of Fire Captain Tedmund “Ted” Hall and Firefighter Specialist Arnaldo “Arnie” Quinones as the victims.

Others have fallen victem to the flames as well.
“While thousands have fled, two people who tried to ride out the firestorm in a backyard hot tub were burned. The pair in Big Tujunga Canyon, on the southwestern edge of the fire, “completely underestimated the fire” and the hot tub provided “no protection whatsoever,” Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said Sunday.” –Yahoo News/AP

Southern California Fires Google Map! from LA Times



URGENT URGENT URGENT – shelter completely out of space! 70+ dogs alone taken in last night due to fires, bringing the total up to 150+ dogs. Fire has tripled in size overnight and additional 10,000 homes may have to evacuate. If you have any contacts with TV/radio stations, please contact them to get the word out. Thank you.

From Mary Temple, adoption supervisor at Pasadena Humane Society: Can any of you rescuers and animal lovers help PHS out by bringing crates to our shelter for the fire victims’ animals and rescue some of our animals? 361 S. Raymond Ave. Pasadena, CA 91105 PHS will be open by 9 a.m. instead of 11 a.m. on Sunday, August 30th.

The Pasadena Humane Society is the only licensed wildlife center in the 30 mile radius of the wildfires. They are rapidly taking in displaced & injured wild animals, in addition to domestic animals & livestock. The dogs and bunnies are outdoors in this horrible air quality & there are dogs in the P2, P3, P4, P5 kennels facing west w/no shelter from the sun in the afternoon. Please please, if you can adopt or rescue please consider: http://pasadenahumane.org

smoke 405

For evacuation information on Station Fire please call 211.


Time Lapse Test: Station Fire from Eric Spiegelman on Vimeo.

Apocalypse, originally uploaded by anosmicovni.


Smoke Plume, originally uploaded by anosmicovni.

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11 Responses to Wildfires rip through Southern California

  1. Good news. Maybe this will convince stupid californians to move away

  2. Sorry to hear about that . I have always fear of fire

  3. beybe says:


  4. rinto says:


  5. FaLdie Mahengkeng says:

    gambarna sangat buagus…..

  6. Seems this is a regular story. I was in LA last year and there were really bad fires between LA and Palm Springs. Has it always been like this and its now more news worthy because they can get better pictures, or is it new? Or is it just that more homes have been built in the areas where the fires are?

  7. brainstrands says:

    Not good…Is there any rain in the forecast any time soon?

  8. Joel says:

    Rain? Try Typhoon

  9. Canhead says:

    Thanks for the comments guys. Yes, wildfires are becoming a regular event in Los Angeles/So Cal region. I remember the fires in ’07 and thought they were bad. I posted a video of the smoke that could be seen from everywhere, literally! This one is especially bad. I work outside for a good part of my day, and had to call it a day after I kept getting covered in ash and soot, falling from the sky like snow.

    Pray for rain! The other side of that is…when we get bad rains out here, we get flash floods and mudslides in the areas that were recently burned. I might take Christopher’s advice and move outta Cali!

  10. Chris Gergen says:

    Hey there. My name is Chris Gergen and I did not leave the comment above listed under my name. Please remove it. Californians are not stupid – and I wish I could move home to San Diego.

  11. Jonas Jonaitis says:

    As my grandma used to say “O tempora, o mores!” – cannot use sarcasm over this.

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