It’s Alive! Canhead hits the presses again!

Somebody send up a flare! By the looks of things, the once mighty Canhead has officially jumped the shark! Say it aint so! The last post on my once weekly written, little blog that could, is embarrassingly dated in December! DECEMBER?!? How can it be? WHAT HAPPENED?? It’s not like I don’t have anything to say! If you have read any of my past rants, rambles, reviews and rhetoric, you’ll see that I have tons of things to say! I blame myself only for this indiscretion. Time management has never been one of my strongest qualities, and time seems to run out faster than ever these days! Nevertheless, the online flagship of our little Kayaro compound must go on! I hope to gain you back into the fold of a loyal Canhead reader! I can’t let my blog site fall the f@#* off like MySpace!

The site could use an overhaul and redesign. Until I can get it together and push the word like the old days, I will hit you with a little story board, forest-filled scavenger hunt for all the goodness the world wide internets can offer! Thanks for sticking with us! Make sure you add us on the social links and such too and help us socialize our content, ya dig!

Ohio hospital system says it won’t hire smokers
Dayton Daily News
“Akron-based Summa Health Systems launched a nicotine-free hiring policy this year for all new employees.
People applying to work for Summa must agree to a urine test to confirm they don’t use tobacco products.”
Found this little gem on
Prince rehearsing “When Doves Cry”, great extended practice session of The Purple One rocking out with The Revolution! Get it while you can!

How in the name of Pete? How is PETA responsible for the killing of animals? Nah, that can’t be right. Someone must have heard that wrong…oh wait..they confessed…on video. Wow!



The making of a vinyl record-found on Sound & Vision/

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