Summer Playlist Part 1, new music from Janelle Monae, Cut Copy, Twilight Eclipse Soundtrack, Dirty Projectors w/ Bjork, Hot Hot Heat and more!

Whats up my loyal Canheads?!?   Summer is officially upon us, and as usual the music industry is going through it’s annual summer releases as well, with an overabundance of great music hitting shelves and iPods.  To try and stay in step with all of the goodies that are out now, I give you the first in a series of “Summer Playlist:, including podcasts to help make sure your iPhones and Droids are crammed to capacity with sun-filled anthems.  Enjoy and don’t forget the sunblock!

Janelle Monae, the out of this world soul singer, is currently taking over the world with her new concept album “Arch Android”.  It tells the story of a super powered, cloned version of herself, and is filled with visions of her futuristic world!  Monae was recently seen on the 2010 BET Awards and was also recently picked as Rolling Stone Artist Of The Day.  Here are some great clips of and about Cindi Mayweather.


Cut Copy

Cut Copy interview at Pitchfork“Cut Copy Talk New Record, Gaga”
Dance-rock band’s as-yet-untitled new album is due in January.
Pitchfork: I heard Lady Gaga invited you to open for her on tour recently. What did you think when you got that offer?

DW: It was one of those weird moments where you’re not sure whether to burn the letter or frame it and put it on your wall. We were simultaneously repulsed but also tantalized by the idea of touring with her for a whole year. It is funny how you can write off some huge, ultra-popular musician, but if you find out they actually like your music, you’re like, “Oh, well maybe they’re all right!” To be honest, I don’t listen to the radio at all. I get a lot of stuff online and the rest is all old records. I don’t really know her music that well.

Pitchfork: Seems like it could have been a cool experience.

DW: Yeah, that’s why I was intrigued. We’ve been asked to do big tours before and never really found anything we would want to do. We’re more focused on our own music and our own fan base. But yeah, if I were in a “Choose Your Own Adventure” novel it would’ve been interesting to go on tour with Lady Gaga and see how that affected my career and life. I don’t think we ever seriously thought we’d do it, though.

Official music video for ‘Eclipse (All Yours)’ by Metric, taken from the Eclipse Soundtrack,
Make sure you visit “Eclipse” movie site for more music at

From The Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack, available now on Chop Shop/Atlantic
“All We Are,” Dirty Projectors + Bjork off the Mount Wittenberg Orca project.

Dirty Projectors + Björk- All We Are by DominoRecordCo

The EP is available for download here, in exchange for a donation to the National Geographic Society’s Ocean Initiative.

Hot Hot Heat’s “21@12” from “Future Breeds” out on June 8, 2010 on Dangerbird Records in the US and Dine Alone Records worldwide!!!

Grab mp3 of 21@12 here: (DL Link here::
WATCH IN 720 HD or suffer the consequences

Hot Hot Heat have unleashed the official video for their anthem “21@12,” off their new album Future Breeds, which hits stores this Tuesday June 8th on Dangerbird Records. The clip features a cast of eccentric, real life characters including a pro-wrestler and a neighborhood grandmother, who were found in Edmonton, Alberta – where it was shot. The band is also giving fans another taste of Future Breeds with “Goddess on the Prairie.” The track is actually the first positive love song that Hot Hot Heat frontman Steve Bays has ever written.

This might be the most important short film to come out in years! The subtle one line response of some the these cartoon logo characters simply serves to further paint the masterfully animated short! Its that good!

Make Wealth

“Despite giving plenty of major corporations cause to bury the film, the little French studio behind it won an Oscar for their trouble. Until McDonalds take it down for abuse of Ronald, who plays a criminal psychopath in the film, here it is:”


Logorama has received the following nominations and awards:

* Kodak Discovery Award for Best Short Film (the Kodak Prix)- Critics’ Week, Cannes Film Festival 2009
* Audience Award – Festival International de Curtas Metragans 2009
* Audience Award – Lille International Short Film Festival 2009
* Jury’s Special Prize, Audience Prize, Fuji Prize for Best Directors – Cinanima International Animated Film Festival 2009
* Best Short Film – Stockholm International Film Festival 2009
* Best Direction, Audience Award – Vendôme Film Festival 2009
* Gold Medal for Animation – Zinebi, Bilbao International Film Festival 2009
* Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film – 82nd Academy Awards 2010

Bill Withers “Ain’t No Sunshine” video…just because!


Copywrite returns with 8th anniversary re-release of “T.H.E. High Exulted”, JUNE 1st, 2010 ON MAN BITES DOG RECORD

Copywrite’s new album takes his original, now out of print, RJD2 produced “T.H.E.” and adds a few new songs for good measure. The resulting re-release is a great addition to all Hip-Hop fan’s catalog this summer. Download “Last Laugh” (produced by Khrysis)”, one of the new tracks of “T.H.E. High Exulted” right here!! (DL Link:: )

Uncensored Alert!!!!
No seriously…don not play this around the kiddies or at work unless you want to get fired right now. If so, in that case, play it as loud as you can. That should do the job since you don’t want to!
Reggie Watts: F_ck Sh_t Stack

This one has actually been around for a while, but since you have never heard of it before, consider it a early Christmas present.
MOUNTAIN MOCHA KILIMANJARO -(Ain’t Got Nobody) Just A Rambling Man

“Red”-staring Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, and John Malkovich
The next comic book movie to watch for is “Red”, a Warren Ellis penned, Robert Schwentke directed film. Check the trailer below and stay tuned for more info!

Super Chron Flight Brothers – Strangers With Candy

Check out “Strangers with Candy”, the new heater from Super Chron Flight Brothers new album CAPE VERDE, dropping July 13 on Backwoodz Studioz. A concept album from the NYC rap duo about a day in front of the television. Featuring Vordul of Cannibal Ox, Superb, Masai Bey, Bigg Jus and more…

Allhiphop called the Super Chron Flight Brothers’ 2007 debut Emergency Powers “daring graffiti”. Okayplayer said “one of the best underground releases of the year”. HipHop Connection magazine proclaimed Emergency Powers “A return to what intrigued about indie rap in the first place” and AllMusicGuide hailed it as “provocative, catchy…and an overall fantastic accomplishment”.

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