Pleased to meet you! A short list of The Cyber Mix Tape Show’s past guests!

A short list of The Cyber Mix Tape Show’s past guest include, in no particular order:

Note:The air times listed on the flyer are regrettably out of date.  Our shows are now very sporadic at best.  We are working on that too!

The Grouch (Living Legends)

Non Human Intelligence

Diana Dooley, President and CEO of the California Children’s Hospital Association

Margaret Dooley, Southern California deputy state director of Drug Policy Alliance Network (

DJ Lord Ron

Jose Beltran

Judee Fernandez


El Amin


Sum Majere

Marvin Perkins

DJ Numark

Richard Holober, Consumer Federation of California/Stop Prop 10

Bruce Margolin, Esq.

Andrew Lojero

DJ Shiro

DJ J Period

Kate Pendle (No on 8 Campaign)

David Pettit,  Natural Resources Defense Council

DJ 3rdi

Saba Saba-Krazy Native

Bataka Squad


Emmanual Jal


Da Negus


Landy Shores (RAMP)

Michael Greco

Dekastro/OG Ron

Shirt King Phade


LaWanda Hawkins,  CEO of Justice for Murdered Children

Prince Fatty aka Mike Pelanconi


Bobby Borg

J Rawls

…and the list goes on and on.  This is a very short list, believe me..stay tuned for new shows in 2011 and thank you for stopping by and saying hello!

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