Rise of the Planet of the BBoys!

If you love Hip-Hop culture and documentaries, then I have a great movie pick for you.  I found a few little BBoy gems while looking for something interesting on Hulu.com.  If you can deal with the commercials, give this film a look!

Planet B-Boy

Directed by Benson Lee, produced by Amy Lo

Elephant Eye Films


This film covers the continuing evolution of break dancing, with its focus being on bboy culture, and how it has gain popularity worldwide.  With great clips of power moves and floor rocking greatness from masters like Rock Steady Crew, to name a few.

While “Planet B-Boy” chronicles the international breakdance scene, the film’s characters and their stories draw the viewer in.  Dance crews from Japan, Korea, Korea, US, and France are caught on film, representing. The way that Hip-Hop culture impacts the film’s main players is brought to light, and all are brought together by the massive B-Boy Battle Of The Year Finals.  they fight their personal demons and overcome hardships, with break dancing guiding them along, providing them with hope and a mission!  Contestants from across the globe are present, and the dance routines are not to be missed. The battle scene in the Buddhist temple is like some Hip-Hop/Kung Fu video mashup!



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