Really Really Good 2k12:Blu,Copywrite,Tiron & Ayomari,9th Wonder,Phonte,BigTwins,Alchemist, OhNo and more!

It’s 2012, and the little blog that could is still here! Leaner and meaner than ever , your favorite B-boy blogger is back at it. Roaming the streets, looking for the perfect beat, and taking notes of all the fly people I places I see! My New Year’s Resolution is to simply go for it! That may be hard at times, as I have tons of things on my plate as usual. Regardless of that, Canheads worldwide are still listening, and I intend to give you something worth listening to. I will bypass the usual end of the year flashbacks, and just get right too it.

The first week of the year has been filled with action for me. I plan on returning to the “scene” full force this year, covering as many events and reporting on all things worthwhile for you. I have been involved with promotions for years now, off and on. That’s one of the reasons this blog your reading now even exist. In the past few years, I have fallen back a bit, letting my beloved blogs, podcasts and independent music company idle by as I pursued other things. That is slowly starting to change and this year looks to see a return to the stage for me.

I started the year in style a bit early, co-hosting Chinky EyedLA’s last show of 2011. Held at The Terrace in Pasadea, CA on Friday December 23th, Blu, Copywite, TiRon and Ayomari all performed to the crowds delight. This was my second time hosting a show with Blu, the first being another ChinkyEyedLA event in Los Angeles. Blu brings the ladies out in full, and this show was no exception. It took about 15 minutes for him to start his set, as he let his fans on stage for pictures and autographs. The place was packed and the vibe was nice the whole night.

TiRon and Ayomari ripped a tight albeit short set, performing songs off their “Sucker For Pumps” release. I had to feel a little bit bad for TiRon at one point. As he finished one of his songs, he looked down to one of the ladies in the crowd who was looking at him, smiling big! He asked her something to the effect of “Did you like that song?” and she looked up and screamed “BLU!” He took in well, and I did notice how drunk she was, later on when the lights came on. They cut their set short to let the headliner come onstage. They would both later return and perform with Blu. Copywrite made my night and gave us a great Christmas present when he invited me onstage to sign a holiday song to the crowd. I thought it was only right that we sing Feliz Navidad, and he agreed. Definitely a Hip-Hop highlight of the year, for me!

A few days of rest and family time followed during Christmas, and it was back on again for New Years Eve. I was invited to play a short DJ set by my DJ Chico at Funky Sole, the long running Saturday night party held at The EchoPlex. No better way to work on that resolution than that, I thought, and the night was great. Breakestra played in the main room, and I showed the patio party people how I do it on the turntables. It was a good workout for me, and I hope to do it again there soon.

Continuing on the mission of going for it, I answered the call to go to the 9th Wonder, Phonte show at Key Club! My partner in crime DJ B-Original, is one of the DJs on call with SHP out here in Los Angeles. Every promoter has their own particular way of hosting events, and Sean Healy shows are known for being top notch. I look forward to working with them more soon this year, and was glad to stop by and see the show. I arrived somewhat early and was in around 10:30. I walked toward the backstage area where I caught a quick glimpse of 9th and Median waiting in the wings to go onstage. I was right on time! Less than five minutes later he was on the turntables, and the crowd was going crazy!

One of the biggest perks to promoting/writing these types of events, in my opinion, is the access to the shows. Some of the best seats in the house are stage right or left, and watching shows this way has spoiled me! Median ripped his set, to be followed by Rhapsody . Phonte hit the stage shortly after that, rocking the crowd with list of hits! Montage One joined him onstage as well as Evidence, his rhyme partner on “The Life Of Kings”. The crowd was not disappointed in the least, as Phonte went to church on them several times in the night and brought Jill Scott to the stage to say hello at the end of the night. Still standing stage left, I proceeded to thank the crowd for rocking and goofing off on the mic as 9th Wonder signed autographs and DJ B-Original played some old school Hip-Hop . The crowd mingled out into Hollywood and went their separate ways, to re converge in Pasadena the following night.

As big as that show was, I have to say it was eclipsed by the Gangrene/Big Twinz show at The Terrace in Pasadena. I could talk about that show all night, but I ‘ll just give you a run down of who was in the building!

The Alchemist, Big Twins, Big Noyd, Oh No, Rhyme Addicts, XP, I Suppose, DJ Mishaps, Tri-State, Evidence, Fashawn, Action Bronson, ZooLay, Seven Day, DJ B-Original , and several opening local artist were on hand for a Hip-Hop celebration to match the December 24th show! I had the pleasure of hosting that one as well, and was blown away by the amount of underground Hip-Hop star power that was on stage. The folks at The Terrace have something great going on with their Hip-Hop nights, and I look forward to bringing you more from them this year.

Take a look at some of the videos and links below. Follow me on Twitter to stay up to date with all events! When you see a link go up for one of the events I am working…don’t even think twice about it, just go for it! Go!

DJ B. Original “Block Beaters” Radio Show Starts at 3pm Sundays est. on 107.3 WKCR Online Tune In!!


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