What’s a Canhead and why should you care?

A lot is changed since the last time I launched my WordPress dashboard. Long gone are the days where I could find time surf the net at random, and indulge myself as a blogger. While I may not have the time to do some of the old Internet activities, it doesn’t mean that they’re not needed. So here we are, with the rebirth of the mighty Canhead, yet again.  To recap to the new kids in the crowd, Canhead is basically my management and marketing alias.  Throughout the years I’ve been fortunate enough to work in a variety of projects and events, on both coasts of this great country of ours.  Launch corporate sponsored websites complete with major media marketing, manage concerts promotions, independent & commercial music production and releases, artist management, label promotion, radio promotion, freelance writing, you name it I’ve done it. It’s been a long  road, filled with ups and downs as you would expect, but yet we persevere. Over the years, I have had to adjust several times, as priorities and times change, but our company has withstood the test of time and continues to bring top-notch events to the L.A. area.
(Case in point, I am excited to announce that Pasadena, CA’s very own “Rough City” will be opening for the 2014 Krush Groove Concert in Inglewood California sponsored by 93.5 KDAY. In addition to that we continue to hold regular events and nightclubs and hope to expand our reach in the coming year. Stay tuned for more info on Rough City by following their Facebook page!)
So along with all of that comes the personal question; how do I merge the entertainment marketing aspect of my past working experience into my daytime “9-to-5” world.  Currently I am working with people with intellectual or developmental disabilities.  This is probably where I should back up in my story. For the past few years I’ve had the privilege of working with several nonprofit organizations working on issues ranging  from education, social justice to disability advocacy. I have had the privilege to meet and work with some amazing individuals and their strength has encouraged me to continue my own business ventures. My goal for the upcoming years is to help bring awareness to all of the great organizations that I have worked with us far, and those who I will hopefully need in the future. Why? Because Canhead cares.
Currently there are several nonprofits I could think up off the top of my head that deserve credit and respect for the hard work that they do in the community. Organizations like CHOICESS, a group of people dedicated to helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have and maintain their own housing. Organizations like Clean the World, who bring awareness to several ecological and social justice issues with the simple act of recycling soap. Better World Books brings the needed gift of literacy to several underdeveloped peoples and nations, groups like Public Allies bring out the best of tomorrow’s leaders in today’s most challenged communities. These are just a handful of organizations but I’ve come across and have been thoroughly impressed by.  Seeing these groups in action made me realize that I needed to be doing more.
Canhead Cares.
We will be putting a spotlight on several groups and organizations that deserve your attention and support. It’s going to be a great year, we are excited and hope you will be just as excited to join our little group of  Agents of Social Change!
Canhead Cares.
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