The GOP Is Using Support For Uber As A Fundraising Pitch


The GOP is cool, guys, and they want you to know it.

Out today from the Republican party is a petition in support of Uber. The petition is predictably partisan, blaming “liberal government bureaucrats” alongside “taxi unions” for “setting up roadblocks” and “issuing strangling regulations” to the detriment of Uber. Cities, according to the GOP, “need Uber.”

I don’t disagree.

Why is the GOP pushing for Uber now? Aside from the petition being a pretty simple attempt to collect email addresses and dollars (after you sign, you are presented with a large donation page for the GOP) there is legislation on the desk of Illinois governor Pat Quinn that would restrict ride-sharing services like Uber in the area.

So the call to support Uber by the GOP, cynical and self-serving as it undoubtedly is, does fit into the narrative of a Democratic governor faced with a regulatory decision of real import…

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