“Speak their Names” Part of the Nationwide Justice for Michael Brown in San Diego

Reporting San Diego


Photos: Tom and Nadin Abbott

Video: Tom Abbott

Aug. 30, 2014 (San Diego) About 60 people from different walks of life came to the “Officer Jeremy Henwood Memorial Park” in City Heights, behind the Weingart Library and Performance Annex. The goal of the meeting was to remember those who’s “lives were stolen” by the action of the police.

We spoke with Cathy Mendonca, member of United Against Police Terror, after the march through the neighborhood. she explained to Reporting San Diego that what happened at Ferguson, Missouri was “not unique to Ferguson and possibly opened the eyes of many individuals. Ferguson is only one example of how the police are heavily militarized.”

(See link to our review of police militarization in San Diego)

The police are using military grade weapons against people who are exercising their rights to protest. She added, “the police are reactionary, and their tactics are to…

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