London and Paris: Accessibility (Part 1)

Thinking about planning a few trips for some of my friends, and I stumble across this post. I will be following this blog and reposting what I find, but Paris sounds like a good idea!

The Traveling Chair

Episode 5: Wheelchair Accessibility Review of London and Paris

Part 1: London 


The hotel we stayed in, Holiday Inn London-Bloomsbury, had a unique amenity in their accessible rooms: a ceiling lift. I’ve never before seen any hotel providing such a lift. A ceiling lift, or ceiling hoist in Britain, is very convenient because it allows a wheelchair user to be carried directly over the bed or toilet via a track on the ceiling. This is the type of patient lift my family uses at home. Having a ceiling lift available in our hotel room was a great help in making our stay comfortable. My parents did not have to exhaust themselves using a manual patient lift, pushing it around with me or my brother in it on the carpet. There was a track over the toilet and bathtub in the bathroom. There was no roll-in shower so a little difficult…

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