Police Officer Who Shot Kristiana Coignard Was On The Scene For Less Than Five Seconds (VIDEO)

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Surveillance video has been released of the moment 17-year-old Kristiana Coignardwas gunned down by the police in Longview, Texas last week.

The Longview Police Department released the 23-minute-long video, which shows the teen in several scuffles with officers after entering the police station while allegedly wielding a butcher knife. Coignard’s aunt Heather Robertson claims the teen battled bipolar disorder and depression since the death of her mother.

Glenn Derr, the first officer to arrive, can be seen tackling the teen. More police officers convene soon after, including Grace Bagley, who was on the scene for just a few seconds before fatally shooting Coignard. Police claim they used Tasers on the teen to restrain her, but they didn’t work.

According to Think Progress:

Derr quickly gets off her back but Coignard remains on the ground. At this point, Derr appears to have his gun drawn. At 10:50, the second officer,

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