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Breaking News: Police officers shot and killed in Baton Rouge

WAFB-LIVE STREAMING NEWS FROM BATON ROGUE—Officials confirm 3 law enforcement officers dead, 2 suspects at large Updating with details as they become available… Cable news networks covering yet another horrific shooting incident today. Three police officers were killed and at … Continue reading

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Webslingin’:Turkey Coup, BLM, France and more!

There’s a lot going on. Here is a quick rundown of some things that you need to know. ———– How a Group of Asian-Americans Is Spreading Support for Black Lives Matter — TIME “It was magical that this idea resonated … Continue reading

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“Between the World and Me” — The Sand County

Ta-Nehisi Coates’ book Between the World and Me is essential reading to understand not only modern American culture but it is a necessary addition, a corrective really, to how American history has been taught, continues to be taught in certain … Continue reading

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Dallas Mourns as Investigation Into Police Shooting Continues — Fortune

The Dallas community on Saturday continued to mourn the loss of five police officers who were killed in a targeted attack by a lone gunman Thursday night, during a peaceful protest over the shooting deaths of two black men by … Continue reading

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Breaking News: The assassination of Alton Sterling — Oneworld01

Alton Sterling, aka the local CD man was continuing on his day in Baton Rouge, Louisiana then this happens: as a precaution I have to warn you the video is unsettling as well as it tells a tragic never story. … Continue reading

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The Real Value Of The Independent Sector — Music Industry Blog

Over the course of the last year MIDiA has been working with WIN (the global indie label trade body) on a major study to define the independent sector’s contribution to the global recorded music business. The default accepted wisdom is … Continue reading

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