About Canhead

What is Canhead Records?

In short, it’s the name of my now defunct record label. The only record released on it was “Urban Avant Garde-Live At The Nuyorican Poets Cafe”. It was a great effort that allowed me to meet some incredible people. Due to inexperience and low funds, the first release was the last. Years later, I came across a blog that reminded me of how hip my website used to be. So I brought it back to life!

What is Canhead?

Canhead is the name of my company, my little engine that could! Throughout the years, it has evolved and changed with the times, but my main goal has always been to bring high quality events to our communities while focusing on raising awareness on social justice issues and local advocacy needs. I have worked with several non-profit organizations, local business owners, community project leaders as well as numerous super talented artists from all walks of life and all crafts! I plan on expanding my reach by developing Canhead Cares, a new website and community program aimed at raising awareness and promoting civic engagement while pooling all of the collective talent that has always been a part of Canhead framework.

In the meantime, we hope to continue to bring you everything from news, reviews, interviews, concert info, exclusive content, local independent artist and entrepreneurs and anything else we find, fit to print online!

Stay tuned for more really really goodness here at Canhead and thank you for reading!!


7 Responses to About Canhead

  1. Chuck D says:

    Sure I know what you’re about to say. You’ve seen the shambles of what used to be the mighty Public Enemy on stage. You miss the good old days, when the Prophets of Rage brought the noise to the stage, like no other. But since the original members all drifted away, the spirit of P.E. seemed to fade. Well this show should resuscitate the old fury, as the only member who seems to be missing from the bill is Terminator X.
    Hey Laron Cue, misinformation is a terrible thing…all the original members drifted away where? I started publicenemy.com in 1998 , the first of a rap kind. It would be so no info would be lost in hype.
    We just completed our 56th tour, Flav only missed LA in 2002 because he was locked fulla traffic violations and we were contracted.
    I guess this is the problem with blogs, their illegitimate news sources that spread. Todays my web day and I check spread misinfos like these….lets get it right….. TX and 2 S1WS Brother James Norman and Roger Chillious are the only oones that retired…
    chuck d

  2. Chuck D says:


    and they’re


  3. Danny says:

    We here at Fanatic Promotion are PR boutique that specializes and concentrates on promoting many indie and independent bands, musicians and artists. We’ve worked with such acts such as Girl Talk, VHS or BETA, Be Your Own Pet, Mojave3, Fischerspooner, The Chemical Brothers, Matt Pond PA, The Lilys, Jose Gonzalez, Bang Gang and other numerous great acts.

    I’d like to ask if you would be interested in working with us in receiving future press releases, promos and updates about our current and future clients.

    Please contact me as soon as you can as I think we’ve got some really exciting music coming up and we’d love to share them with you!


  4. Intalek says:

    I would love to be featured on your website!!
    I’m making hip hop music and trying to get myself out there onto tha blogs…
    I read ur “About” and dig what I see…
    So if I can make a feature it would be a great pleasure!!

    You can check me out on my MySpace page…
    There’s interviews, videos, and of course music…

    You can also download my recent mixtape “…Hello Space World…” for free!
    Just follow this link, skip tha ad, and download…


    Get at me…

  5. Char says:


    Huge fan of your blog, I’m a major blogger and was wonder who I email when I find cool stuff on the net.

    Let me know,


  6. Luis says:


    I have a couple of questions about your blog:

    1) Is it OK with you if I spread some link love and link to your blog? I think my visitors would like your blog.

    2) I noticed on your blog that you link to other blogs… do you think its possible for you to link to my blog myairshoes.com?

    Please let me know what you think. Thanks for your time.


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